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Geospatial Repository and Data (GRiD) Management System is developed and maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) to efficiently warehouse and distribute both three-dimensional data, such as LiDAR data, as well as 3D derived geospatial products, such as imagery and digital elevation models (DEMs) and extracted features.

For a data provider, GRiD offers data storage, support for multiple data formats, and Oracle-enabled secure user access control. For a data user, GRiD provides an efficient web-based download mechanism, user-defined filters, and built-in terrain analysis algorithms. By improving mechanisms for storage and sharing of three-dimensional datasets, GRiD is designed to increase the reach and impact of LiDAR technologies within and across networks, departments and disciplines.

Why GRiD?

LiDAR technologies across aerial, vehicle-mounted, and terrestrial platforms are increasing across a wide range of disciplines.

  • - Engineering - Architecture - Agriculture - Forestry
  • - Mining
  • - Archaeology
  • - Planetary Science - Defense
  • - Civil Security

Current mechanisms have limitations.

  • - Flat file repositories do not effectively manage complex 3D datasets
    • Cannot effectively handle very large datasets
    • Increase bandwidth requirements
    • LiDAR data not discoverable outside local network
  • - Does not enable efficient use of available data
  • - Limits multiple collection product generation

GRiD is designed to fill these gaps.

Our Mission

Trivialize online access to high-resolution multi-dimensional geospatial datasets acquired with LiDAR and other innovative technologies

Integrate state-of-the-art database technologies alongside open source software libraries

Develop a robust yet scalable software and hardware infrastructure


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Team Members

David Finnegan
Project Lead
System Design and Development
Lesley Pearson
Deputy Project Lead

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